Full Stack Engineer

We are looking for a driven and passionate Full Stack Engineer to join our growing DigiFarm Team.

Job Type:

Full Time




The full stack engineer will work on the various aspects of our product including frontend, backend which also includes our API products, our Backend automation pipeline, also be helping rest of the team with various adhoc technical tasks like data loading, data cleaning etc. Will also be working on automation of various aspect of our product pipeline and making sure they are built with proper care.

Given the early nature of the product we need a generalist who cares highly for building products and can shift between products and tasks in a quick manner.

Your Profile

Strong experience with the following: NodeJS, Typescript, PostGIS + Postgres, Serverless Framework, Docker, Rest API Design, Familiarity with Event-driven architecture in AWS, Familiarity with AWS offerings like DynamoDB, S3, SQS, Lambda, EC2, and others;

  • You should have a Serverless first mindset and previous Serverless experience, but use the right tool for the job;

  • Python (Intermediary);

  • Basic React skills;

  • You should be able to evaluate various offerings for new product requirements (For example for this use case X would you choose Postgres Or DynamoDB) - we're not expecting you to know this out of the box but you should be able to do it with some reading and research;

  • Experience working in some aspects of GIS previously or having a good understanding of GIS systems;

  • Please write GIS in the first line of the cover letter if you read the description;

  • Experience in Linux CLI - understanding basics of bash, SSH, and being comfortable in CLI.

  • CSS + Styling etc;

  • Experience with Frontend libraries like MapboxGL, Turf, and the ability to create frontend websites with map / GIS products in these libraries along with React;

  • Experience writing Tests in JS/TS;

  • Experience with job schedulers or orchestrators (Using Slurm, or any other job schedulers);

  • Experience with the basics of machine learning.

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We're one of the winners of the 1st & 2nd Open Call of the the AI4Copernicus challenge

Airbus Challenge First Prize

We're thrilled to announce that we won the first prize at the #INNOspaceMaster 2021.

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Impactful Agrifood Startup

Thrilled to be a part of the EIT FAN 2021 Program as a Impactful Agrifood Startup.
Our Culture


We may not be in the same office, but we’re an awesome, fun, and friendly team that spans the globe.


We operate in a relatively flat hierarchy that enables freedom and autonomy to hit your targets.


This is your chance to work with brilliant people, learn from them and share your experience.

A mission that matters

Mission that matters

Mission that matters

We’re using high technology to improve lives everywhere and make agriculture more sustainable.

Meaningful work

We believe in fair compensation that values ​​the ability and commitment of our employees.

Stability and strength

Our company is growing strong and has plenty of financial runway to accomplish its targets.

Even if you're not able to cover all responsibilities, we would still love to hear from you.