Head of Engineering

The Head of Engineering leads the development teams and collaborates with other business departments.

Job Type:

Full Time


Norway or Remote

To bring concepts devised by the clients (internal/external) into reality by leading the tech team and collaborating closely with other departments.The Head of Engineering presides over the entire Frontend and Backend development teams, DevOps, Data Processing, Model Training, R&D Team, reporting directly to the CEO. He drives the vision, design, strategy, and implementation of integrated web systems in order to support the business.

The Head of Engineering leads the development team(s) and collaborates with other business departments. Out of scope:

  • Defining the business behaviour of the product;

  • Pricing of end product;

  • Dealing with clients for other than product/tech items.

Key accountabilities:

  • Strategy - suggests tech solutions that will help the business grow. Make sure the solution fits and solves business and client problems;

  • Supervisory/Leadership for the tech team;

  • Tech project planning and management; tech team resource management;

  • Collaboration with and Support business, Finance, HR and clients;

  • Keeps educated and informed about the latest tech news that helps keep the company selecting the most relevant tech solutions.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manages the day-to-day activities of the engineering teams as well as the management and execution of site/software development projects against delivery commitments and project plans;

  • in charge of the management of the department’s staffing, resources, and mentoring, and maintaining a best-in-class engineering department;

  • provides technical guidance and direction, as well as hands-on resource and project management, for all site/software development activities;

  • ensures the optimal application of engineering resources in order to meet product development and consumer requirements and ensures the implementation of agile processes that support site/software development processes;

  • plays a leading role in the recruiting activities of the engineering department in order to ensure consistency in departmental efficiency;

  • plays a mentorship role to key engineering personnel, assisting in their duties upon request, and constantly promoting the growth of their professional skills, readying them for the assumption of his duties in his absence or retirement;

  • plays a leading engineering role within the department where he is tasked with the planning, management, execution and implementation of site/software projects, inclusive of the day-to-day project management, scope management, issue and risk management, as well as regular status reporting;

  • develops strategic plans with regard to the technical development of sites/software and establishes the business’s technical vision that guides all aspects of technological development;

  • oversees the strategic deployment of departmental resources leading to optimal resource allocation and the smooth and successful development of sites/software;

  • works and establishes senior engineering management to ensure that systems meet the overall business requirements and standards;

  • report on the status of site/software development, operations, quality, and system performance to the CEO upon request;

  • stays abreast of leading and cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices; absorbs relevant and suitable technology based on the projected benefits to the engineering development departments.

What behaviours and personality traits are essential and desirable for success in this role?:

  • Problem-solving;

  • Starting from very minimal information and then hashing the way out;

  • Curiosity and interest in making things smoother;

  • Focus on solving business problems, even if the solution is not elegant enough.

What knowledge, experience and job-related skills are essential and desirable for success in this role?:

  • Understanding of event-based architecture and AWS/other cloud platform offerings and evaluating what works.

  • Experience with one or more than one programming languages like Python, NodeJS, and the environment.

  • Experience in full stack and having an understanding of how to build something end to end.

  • Experience with leading tech teams, staffing and mentoring.

  • Good understanding of the business needs.

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