Head of Marketing

Lead our product team with courage and creativity! Join us as our Head of Marketing and take charge of crafting innovative strategies to boost SEO ranking and drive product growth.

Job Type:

Full Time


On Site, Oslo (Nor)


DigiFarm is a rapidly growing ag-tech startup based in Norway. We use sophisticated satellite imaging, super-resolved image processing, and advanced AI to generate the world’s most accurate field boundaries and seeded acre datasets. Backed by names like the European Commission, European Space Agency (ESA), and the Norwegian Space Agency (Norsk Romsenter), our mission is to provide powerful data that enables the entire agricultural sector to make better decisions.
Launching publicly in January 2022, demand from businesses worldwide has been unprecedented; we’re a hit! ⚡️
That’s why we’re looking for a marketing wizard to raise DigiFarm’s profile and establish us as the world’s destination for boundary data. Working closely with the founders and the broader team, you’ll have a blank slate to help us grow, excel, and succeed.
If you’re a marketing wizard who knows how to turn a scrappy B2B SaaS/DaaS business into a titan while working with a hyper-talented and lean team, this is the place for you.
This role is located in Oslo, Norway and will report into the Co-founder & CEO. The role will also require extensive travel and public speaking engagements.


Before we get into the details, here’s some helpful background: the nature of this role is closer to brand marketing rather than performance marketing. We have a very focused commercial team that is responsible for sourcing and developing leads so the Head of Marketing is primarily expected to evangelise DigiFarm, spread awareness, and raise our overall profile.

Core & Operational
  • Scope marketing budgets to be agreed with the founders. You’ll need to deploy every euro effectively and, wherever possible, measure the impact of the initiatives to ensure that we are getting value for money.

  • Research, select, and attend relevant conferences where our clients might be and network. This is an opportunity to raise DigiFarm awareness, learn more about what clients need, and also learn about the competitive landscape.

  • Identify high-value advertising possibilities and speaking engagements (including conferences, podcasts, panels, fireside chats, and keynotes) where we can evangelise our products and technologies. You’ll also be responsible for putting together the scripts, materials, and presenting. In some cases, high-profile engagements might be better suited for the founders - that’s something that you can help identify and discuss.

  • Run exhibition opportunities, where appropriate. At some point we may want to establish a presence at popular conferences so we’ll need to coordinate the event, prepare materials and demos, design the space, get it set-up, run it, and ensure our booth (if we have one) is either dismantled or stored for next time.

  • Manage our organic PR. This includes putting our press releases, social media postings, and writing new articles about us as a company, our technologies, new markets, and new clients. We want the sector to constantly be aware of our growth story, so we will want to be posting frequently to get the word out. This includes microcontent and longer, more thoughtful pieces.

  • Setup and manage advertising campaigns. There are plenty of untapped opportunities on different networks to spread awareness. This will include creating the media and the copy necessary as part of the posting.

  • Maintain website content and ensure that everything is always up to date.

  • Ensure all of our materials throughout the business are on-brand.

  • Prepare weekly and monthly updates on the marketing performance of the business. In particular, we will want to see exposure and engagement metrics.

  • Guide stakeholders through the numbers, as needed so that everyone has an informed view of our business performance at all times.

  • Guide, develop, and grow the marketing team. While this will start with you being both operational and strategic, this is a function you will need to shape over time.

  • Track performance versus budget/forecast and optimise accordingly.

  • Devise, iterate, and execute a marketing strategy. This is an opportunity to come and make this function entirely your own.

  • Define strategic KPIs to measure our performance and exposure. These should be tracked internally to share across the business (including the board).

  • Create outreach plans and event calendars so we know how we will be marketed externally.

  • Set up recurring weekly schedules for content posts and updates.

  • Oversee our branding strategy and ensure that it’s evolving over time.

  • Identify and select phenomenal suppliers and partners to help us with events, copy, media, advertising, and press.

  • Evaluate new and existing markets and suggest ways that we can expand the business.


Education & Qualifications

Demonstrate deep experience in working with B2B SaaS / DaaS companies and establishing them as powerful brands.

  • Be media trained.

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related major or equivalent experience that would make you a strong candidate for the role.

  • Have a portfolio of media engagements and large public speaking engagements where we can see how you present and position other brands.

  • Be tech savvy. We’re a technology company so we expect everyone to be proficient with cloud-based productivity tools and adapt to new solutions that can help us improve, excel, and extend our capabilities. Proficiency with suites like Google Workspace are a must.

  • Channel your expertise of operational and people excellence in a way that helps the business reach its commercial and strategic goals.

  • Have proven experience at a senior level to build and lead high-performance people teams.

  • Understand how to transform an existing organisation and mature (in the right way) a growing one. In particular, how to take a start-up to the next level without losing the heart/magic of a start-up environment.

  • Know how to present information to different audiences, namely: general staff updates, senior team members, and board members.

Personal Characteristics
  • Feel completely natural in the public eye and be comfortable with speaking publicly.

  • Be obsessed with details and optimisation.

  • Exude transparency, openness, and fairness. These are incredibly important cultural points we expect everyone to have, especially senior personnel.

  • Know how to present information to different audiences, namely: general staff updates, senior team members, and board members. This includes public speaking for events like our town halls, where you will be asked to address the whole company.

  • Thrive in a start-up environment; there’s always a lot happening but you’ll be surrounded by an incredibly talented team that’s always pushing for growth.

  • Be driven and motivated by building. This is a rare opportunity to help shape the marketing strategy for the company.

  • Be incredibly organised. There are a lot of moving parts with this role, so someone that can bring order and structured thought is vital.

  • Be curious. We want someone to turn over every stone in the interest of doing what’s best for the business!

  • Be comfortable working through the details (DIY) but also enjoy higher level strategy and execution. Teams will grow as the business grows, but senior personnel are expected to balance operating at all levels.

  • Flourish by working independently or in a collaborative team environment. A lot of this role is going to be you identifying and determining what should be done. We have a clear strategic roadmap but exactly how that is delivered with your area of speciality will be something we depend on you to define every day.

  • Be flexible with shifting priorities and timelines; we are still a start-up, which means that one of our strengths is responding to new opportunities quickly.

  • Inspire teams and always lead by example.

  • Speak English fluently. Having other languages and exposure to many different cultures will be beneficial for building rapport with an inclusive team.

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We're one of the winners of the 1st & 2nd Open Call of the the AI4Copernicus challenge

Airbus Challenge First Prize

We're thrilled to announce that we won the first prize at the #INNOspaceMaster 2021.

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Our Culture


We may not be in the same office, but we’re an awesome, fun, and friendly team that spans the globe.


We operate in a relatively flat hierarchy that enables freedom and autonomy to hit your targets.


This is your chance to work with brilliant people, learn from them and share your experience.

A mission that matters

Mission that matters

Mission that matters

We’re using high technology to improve lives everywhere and make agriculture more sustainable.

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We believe in fair compensation that values ​​the ability and commitment of our employees.

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Our company is growing strong and has plenty of financial runway to accomplish its targets.

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